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There are many fine photography sites out there, and I like to point them out now and then when I come across them.  I discovered one recently that I think is well worth a look.

Philip Hyde was a master landscape photographer.  When I first got involved with photography in the mid 1970’s, I’d come across his work now and then in books and publications devoted to nature and wilderness photography. It usually stopped me right in my tracks. It was superb. It’s easy enough to throw the word ‘master’ around, but in the case of Philip Hyde it truly applies. In addition to his photography work, Philip Hyde was also a strong voice in the environmental movement and in wilderness preservation efforts.

His son, David Leland Hyde, started a blog some months back called Landscape Photography Blogger. Though he’s a photographer in his own right, David’s blog is largely dedicated to the work of his late father. He organizes exhibits of his father’s work, has taken on the monumental task of digitizing it, and more.

Maybe you’re well acquainted with the work of Philip Hyde. Maybe like me, you’re familiar with a small part of it. Maybe you’re a younger photographer and have never heard of him. Whatever. Landscape Photography Blogger is a great read for anybody. For some of us it’s a fond look back at some great work. For a new generation, it’s an introduction to one of the past masters of landscape photography.

Hop on over to Landscape Photography Blogger and take a good look around. Be sure to give David a thumbs up for the work he’s doing to keep his father’s work and legacy alive.

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4 thoughts on “a site worth seeing

  1. Hi PJ,
    Thank you so much for the link and recommendation. As I commented before, you have beautiful work yourself. I particularly like your pond abstracts and you did something unique with Yellowstone Falls which is not easy to photograph in an original way. Thanks again. I will be adding your site to my blogroll too, not that technorati cares about that, but I do.

    • Anytime David, I think it’s a great project you’re working on and I hope a lot of people find out about it. And thanks to you too.

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