silette #2… on the sunset strip

along the sunset strip
along sunset strip

I spent a few hours last week with my daughter wandering along the Sunset Strip. I kind of did the tourist thing, snapshots and all, though it’s almost right in my own backyard. Here’s one of those… the kind of picture that goes into your book of memories from a certain time in your life. There are still some famous places, and a few infamous ones, along the strip. We also found a great bookstore, Book Soup, which has an impressive section of photography books. Not how-to books, or the kind you see in the photography section of the chain bookstores, but monographs and biographies and collections of the works of many of the great names throughout the history of photography. You can bet that I’ll be there again.

Most people along the strip pay no attention to cameras, though a few give a puzzled look at the Silette, as if wondering what it is and what I could actually do with it. My answer, if ever asked, would be that I can do pretty much anything I want to do with it. Macro and telephoto are of course out of the question, but it’s great for anything from about four feet on out. Once I get a handle on the direct viewfinder and the parallax on close ups I’ll be fine.

Fact is, if I was forced to work for the rest of my life with just this camera, I could do it. Not that I will, but I could. Maybe it’s just my cranky reaction to all the hype that accompanies the latest and greatest digital wonders that seem to be released every time I turn around. Then again, I’m not a pro…

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15 thoughts on “silette #2… on the sunset strip”

    1. Thanks Sharon. It’s a surprisingly good little camera.

      If you google Silette 1 you’ll find out more about it… there are a few on ebay and even a few blogs by others who use it.

  1. Nice contrast and color. I wish I could look at photos of urban landscapes with the same love as the wild ones, though. But your photos are helping in that arena. :)

    1. Thanks. I of course love the wildlands too. The urban scene, well, not so much — but I do find much of it visually interesting, some of it even stirring. We work with what we’ve got around us I guess. Glad I could help…

      1. No problems with redbubble, though all I’m doing on it are notecards and postcards. The only problem I do have with it is that I can’t see what goes out. I have no control over the prints they make so I’m not trying to sell any that way. If I do decide to sell prints, I’ll either make them myself or have my friend in Missoula do them. For cards and such redbubble is probably just fine — you actually know what the stuff looks like better than I do. I’ve never actually seen any… I’m gonna have to order a few just so I know.

    1. Thanks. I get a kick out of some of the juxtapositions too… once in a while they come together to make for a decent photograph.

    1. Thanks… I of course chuckled when I saw the signs side by side, but what really caught my eye was the way the colors and shapes worked together.

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